osb) with insulating foam on the inside.  They are considered to be a Green
product for many reasons.  Modular Homes that use SIPs enable manufacturers
that are already building green homes to make their modular homes even more
energy-efficient by utilizing panels in the walls, roof, and floors.  

Homes constructed using these panels have proven to be very energy-efficient
because they create a tight seal to the home that does not let heated or cooled
air escape from the house.  When they are used on a site built home they can
save time because they come assembled and can be easily constructed, which
cuts down on cost overruns.  

There are some modular home companies that are now combining these two
building methods to build houses that are even stronger and more friendly to the
environment.  Rather than describe what these companies are doing, we'll just
put links to the websites of modular home companies that are utilizing SIPs in
their building process.
Modular Homes with Structural Insulated Panels -
Combining two superior technologies to build a greener
Go Modular Homes - tons of modular home designs, great
information on how Structural Insulated Panels can make a
modular home even better.

SIPFIT - This is company is in the UK, but there is a lot of
information on the site, including a new Modular Home they
are developing using SIPS.

Avalaon Building Systems - provide strength and
consistency in their modular homes by using SIPS>

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