Custom Modular Homes

A couple of the benefits often cited about modular homes are the fact that they can be built
quickly and less expensive than other building methods.   Many people believe that since
modular homes are built in a factory they are all very similar, nondescript box shaped homes
with very few options available to the buyer.  This is simply not the case.  Custom modular
homes are now available by all manufacturers to some degree, and some companies now work
with the buyer and an in-house designer to help draw up their dream home.  While a custom
modular home of this kind will certainly cost more than a modular home that you choose out of
a catalog from the manufacturer, the fact that the house will be constructed in large part in the
factory under optimal conditions should still save some money by eliminating the extra waste
that occurs in site building.  

In addition to the complete customization of your modular home, there are other ways you can
make your home a custom modular home that will not increase your costs as much.  For
example, most manufacturers allow customers to "flip" a floor plan in many of their models
either for free or for a relatively modest amount.  Flipping a floor plan simply means that in
some cases you could take a plan and build your house to the mirror image of the original.  (In
other words the master bedroom would be on the left when you walk in instead of the right,
etc.).   It is also possible to add or remove a wall in some cases.  So if you had a kitchen with a
wall separated from the living room and you wanted to open it up so that you could watch tv
while cooking, this could  be done by the builder.  In cases like this, it could cost a couple
thousand dollars to make your modular into a custom modular home, because the engineer
would have to adjust the plans and determine whether the changes you would like to make
would affect the structural stability of the house.  The general rule is that if you would like to
customize a modular home you can usually make adjustments to walls as long as the walls are
not marriage points in the home.  
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