What is Timber Frame Construction?
Timber frame construction is a very old form of construction using sawn or hewn wood which is joined and
fastened using wooden pegs.  Because Timber Framing uses heavy wood or timber and has a beautiful rustic
look, much of the frame of the house is often left exposed.  

What are some benefits of Timber Framing?
One benefit of timber frame construction is that because of it's incredible strength there are usually no interior
load bearing walls, so it is possible to have a very open floor plan.  It is also possible to change the floor plan.  
Another benefit of timber framing is the inherent rustic beauty in a structure built with exposed timber from giant

How can I build a "Green" home using Timber Frame construction?
Because a Timber Frame involves the use of a tremendous amount of wood, you may be wondering whether your
choice to use this building method will conflict with your desire to build a green home.  There are some ways you
can make sure that your new home can be both beautiful and green.  One important decision you have to make
is where you choose to acquire the wood that will be used.  You should make sure you buy FSC certified lumber
whenever possible.  (FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council- www.fsc.org).  You can also use salvage
lumber or timber milled from standing dead trees.  Another important thing to consider is the insulation used in
the home.  Many builders using timber frame construction are choosing Structural Insulated Panels between the
posts.  SIPS have shown to be one of the most energy-efficient methods of construction.  They create an air tight
environment that eliminates mold and saves on electricity costs.  They also allow for the house to be dried-in
quickly, creating less waste and increased productivity on the job site.   

Where can I find Timber Frame professionals?
You can find links to websites of Timberwrights, Timber Frame dealers and distributors right here on this website.  
We are constantly searching the web looking for more builders and professionals in the Timber Framing trade.  
Just like the other sections of this website, we have broken down the resources by state to make it easier for you
to find professionals in your area.  However, it must be noted that many Timber Framers and suppliers of Timber
offer their services nationwide, and in some cases internationally, so you may want to check into some websites
outside of your immediate area.  
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